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A Wellness Class with Dr. Collins

"Health, Redefined. Life, Realigned!"

Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to hear some good news for once? Attend Dr. Collins' class!

  • 2nd Tuesday at 6:15pm sharp!: "Health, Redefined. Life, Realigned!"
  • Why is it that the more we spend on so-called 'health care' the sicker we get?
  • Dr. Collins outlines the scientific "blueprint" for creating and maintaining human health. This highly informative 60-75 minute class is strongly encouraged for all patients. Cost: Free for our patients and their guests, $25 for all others.
  • The good news= There IS a way out of the current health/health care mess we are currently in!
  • Must rsvp 503-538-0618

Class Outline:

  • What is the correct definition of health?
  • What is correct definition of Wellness?
  • What is the correct definition of sickness/illness/disease?
  • What is causing all this cancer/heart disease/diabetes/etc?
  • What is the correct definition of stress?
  • What are genes anyway?
  • How does chiropractic care fit into wellness/health?
  • How should we be eating?
  • What are the best kinds of exercise?
  • How does mindset/thinking effect health?