Our Feet Are The Foundation For The Entire Body!

I am extremely interested in how the foot/ankle area relates to the rest of the body. I check everyone for common functional foot/anle problems which can contribute to problems in knees, hips, pelvis, low back and elswhere. I teach folks ways to strengthen their feet that are simple and effective. I often do chiropractic foot/ankle adjustments to help restore improved joint alignment and motion. I give advice on footwear as well. I am NOT a big fan of rigid/hard orthotics (made of fiberglass or plastic), but I do often recommend high-quality, flexible, custom-made foot orthotics. You do NOT have to be suffering from foot pain or have severe 'fallen arches' to benefit from high-quality custom orthotics. I have fitted hundreds of folks with Amfit Custom Foot Orthotics (These are my favorite- made of the lightest EVA materials available) orthotics with great results. Patients often report less pain (in foot/ankle, knees and/or back) and/or improved athletic performance!

amfit orthotics

In my clinical experience, custom orthotics are vastly superior to 'over the counter' foot inserts. Lastly, when dealing with orthotics the clinician MUST look at the "big picture' and examine the patient 'above the foot'. I perform a thorough history and appropriate gait assessment and palpatory exam on the entire biomechanical structure and take xrays (if necessary) to assess for leg length asymetry. Below is a pretty good summary of my philosophy regarding overpronation and orthotics. Click on the link below to learn more. Dr. John J. Collins

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