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Our Four 'Essential & Required' Supplements
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Supersaver! All 4 Essential Supplements. Free Shipping!


Purchase all 4 of Dr. Collins' recommended, essential supplements and save $29.50! Don't be confused by supplements. This is what Dr. Collins recommends for most people. Each product is a 60-120 day supply.

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Required Supplement #1: Whole Food Supplement (240 tabs)


Whole Food Multivitamin by Mercola. The gold standard 'multi-vitamin' supplement! Our finest whole-food-based supplement. 240 tabs Take 2-4 tabs per day (2-4 month supply). For adults & children. Non-GMO, Gluten-free.

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Required Supplement #2: Great-Tasting Fish Oil (240 Gel Caps)


Omega Sufficiency Lemon-Flavored Fish Oil by Innate Choice 240 soft gels. (60-120 day supply) Suitable for ages 2 years and up (including pets)! For toddlers/pre=schoolers, break capsule open and serve as liquid. Take 2-4 per day per person.

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Required Supplement #3: Finest-Quality Probiotic (120 caps)


Ther-Biotic by Klaire Labs (or comparable product, depending on availability) Pharmaceutical-grade, diverse-species, probiotic dietary supplement. 120 capsules (60-120 day supply) -120 caps/bottle - 25+ billion cfu/capsule (take 1-2 per day) -For health

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Required Supplement #4: Finest-Quality Vitamin D3 (5000 IU per soft gel)


The highest quality source of vitamin D3. 120 soft gels (5000 IU per soft gel). Take 2/day (If low vitamin D status; take 1/day for maintenance). 60-120 day supply! Great-Tasting, Suitable for everyone, everyday.