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Supersaver! All 4 Essential Supplements. Free Shipping!
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Purchase all 4 of Dr. Collins' recommended, essential supplements and save $29.50! Don't be confused by supplements. This is what Dr. Collins recommends for most people. Each product is a 60-120 day supply.


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1-Omega Sufficiency Lemon-Flavored Fish Oil by Innate Choice (240 soft gels). Suitable for everyone, including pets. (Break caps open for children and serve as liquid), everyday! Take 2-4 caps per day per bottle. 60-120 day supply.

2-Whole Food Multivitamin by Mercola. The gold standard 'multi-vitamin' supplement! Our finest whole-food-based supplement. 240 tabs. Maintenance dose: 2-4 tabs per day. For adults & older children. 60-120 day supply.

3- TherProbiotic by Klaire Labs. (or comparable product, depending on availability) Pharmaceutical-grade, diverse-species, probiotic dietary supplement. 120 capsules (60-120 day supply)
- 25 billion organisms/capsule (take 1-2 per day)
-For healthy intestinal and immune systems

4-D3 5000 by Metagenics. One of the highest quality sources of vitamin D3. 5000 IU easy swallow gel caps. Suitable for toddlers through adults, everyday. Remember to get blood levels checked annually. 60-120 day supply. Take 1/day for maintenance and 2/day if recently tested low.