What Is The Correct Definition of "Wellness"?

Wellness is simply the act of living healthfully! Wellness is: Eating, moving, thinking, acting and "being" in a way that results in optimal and sustainable cellular and social function health. Wellness is moving, eating and thinking the way that our genetic design requires! Wellness is simply: Living in a way that will result in optimal health.

Wellness is NOT:

-Cosmetic surgical procedures such as botox, liposuction, rhinoplasty etc.
-Disease detection screenings such as pap smears, annual blood work, 'well-baby' checks, etc.
-Taking prescription drugs to:
a-'feel better' (i.e. SSRIs, NSAIDs, tylenol, sleep aids, anti-anxiety meds, Antacids etc.)
b-'perform better' (i.e. viagra, creatine kinase, corticosteroids, ritalin/adderall)
c-lessen 'risk factors' such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol